Who are we?

OrangeGoesGreen (OGG) is a public-private partnership between North America and the Netherlands, operating at the nexus of food, energy and water. Although deeply rooted in the Netherlands, OGG is a San Francisco based 501(C) (3) not-for-profit organization.

The partnership consists of private industry members, universities and other knowledge institutes and government partners. Our organization builds upon the core Dutch strengths of integrated solutions that can solve the complex challenges we face today as an urbanized society. The inspiration for OGG lies in the Sustainable Urban Delta movement..

What can we offer
Dutch partners and members?

OGG is a member-based non-profit organization with close connections to the community of resiliency experts, integrated sustainable developers, local government, universities and other knowledge institute partners. We provide early stage market research, broad company exposure, tactical liaisons, and soft-landing services to our members who seek to initiate business and strategic partnerships on the West Coast of the US in these core markets: smart and clean energy, innovative water solutions and sustainable food production. Together with the Netherlands Consulate General of San Francisco, we provide access to a significant local network and multiple partnership opportunities.

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What can we offer
the US market?

OGG represents an ever-expanding consortium of Dutch experts in efficient energy and water management practices and sustainable food production. Our goal is to bring these complementary Dutch skills to the US market at a time of severe drought, resiliency challenges and climate change. With our centuries’ long experience of working together at all levels to discover and realize integrated solutions to “future proof” diverse communities, we are excited to explore the multiple ways that Dutch expertise, innovation and creativity can be of value and have a positive impact on our ever-shrinking planet.

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Projects & Opportunities



According to the World Health Organization, today over 54% of the world’s population lives in urban areas. These ever-expanding urbanized regions must provide for resilient, safe, healthy and prosperous communities. Current conditions of global climate change have affected the State of California significantly with persistent drought, increasing flood risk and storm surges. Therefore it is crucial to ensure that both the near and the long-term future are sustainable and resilient, for California’s people, its natural riches, its continued agricultural production and its creative and innovative economy.

The Dutch have a long history with planning, building and sustaining resilient communities. We can’t wait to contribute to the efforts to plan for California’s future by acting now.

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Climate Smart Agriculture

Agriculture, California’s most important industry and driver of the state’s economy on macro and micro levels, has been hit hard by the years long drought. The question is how food availability and quality for all can be guaranteed in light of the critical need for significant water conservation. Adapting, innovating and experimenting are ways to get there.

The Dutch are leaders in researching and implementing Climate Smart Agriculture solutions to secure crop production while enabling lower demand for precious resources.

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